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Mission Statement 

The Forever Dc mentorship Program  Inc is a Non-Profit organization that is focused on bettering the youth ages 13-21. The program stands on four pillars, Academic Achievement, Pick your Passion, Financial Literacy, and Philanthropy.  The organization plans to instill and teach the importance of these four pillars, in order for the youth to be academically confident, motivated better prepared, better qualified and socially conscious. The unique feature about the Forever Dc program is that we will travel into the communities to help the youth instead of them traveling to us. This will filter the issue of the mentees figuring out a way to travel to us. Another key aspect of the mentorship program is that all four pillars will be taught through hands-on engaging activities.

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Earlier this year I attended the Trump the System Event hosted by the founders of the Forever DC Mentorship Program. I felt it was important I attend and participate in this event because the event, and the organization itself, provided what is so sorely missed in underrepresented communities such as ours- empowerment and group economics. The event occurred before the actual event. Attendees and community members were asked to donate items such as shoes, clothes, food, books, etc. And the people showed up! There were hundreds of items given by the community members and it was very emotional seeing those who benefitted from the donations come and express their gratitude. There were also several speakers who gave the audience real life skills including tips on small business ownership, the importance of investing and generational wealth, and practical ways on how to achieve both. I was genuinely inspired and motivated to focus on my own business and financial goals. And took several gems that I will apply for the rest of my life. I hope Forever DC can continue these events and continue its support of helping the youth achieve their dreams!


—  Rachel Sanon/Forever DC Trumps The System 

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