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Meet the Team
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Meet Daquan Andy Cooper 

Daquan Andy Cooper was one of the strongest men known to his friends and family. He was a beloved son, an amazing brother, an amazing father, and a great friend. Daquans hobbies were spending time with his family, hanging out with his friends, shopping and most of all cars. At the age of 19, Daquan realized that he did not want to work for anyone and decided to take the route of an entrepreneur. Daquan saved up the money earned working in McDonald's and bought his first car. From that point, he had the idea of buying cars, fixing them, then selling them for a profit. This later became his business, buying a car for a low price, then fixing it, then selling the vehicle for a larger amount( similar to the stock market). He used his cell phone to take pictures of the car and used Craigslist as a platform to sell the cars(marketing). He was a very smart man, however, he was used to one environment and mindset. Which sadly was the result of his death.  

This organization is in legacy to this  great man , and to change the cycle of the death in the inner city communities.  This organization  sole purpose is to invest into the community and give the resources to uplift it in every way possible.

Forever Daquan Cooper 

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