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Luc J Dieudonne- Founder/President
My name is Luc James Dieudonne, I am Haitian- American. I am from the Bronx, the Soundview area to be exact. I have numerous hobbies, however, the ones that I like the most are investing, reading, and learning new things. I am the founder of the Forever DC Mentorship Program. My current position on the board is the President. I started this Mentorship program to create a legacy and pay homage to my best friend Daquan Andy Cooper. I also wanted to create a program for the youth of the community t
Assata Thomas-Vice President
My name is Assata Thomas and I am the Vice President of ForeverDC. I believe my purpose in this world is to serve others and shed as much wisdom as I receive. My life is far from easy but My motto is “ Achieve any and everything by Any Means Necessary”. I don’t believe in the word ‘No’ because the only way you can be stopped from achieving a goal is if you give someone the power to make the decision for you. I’m passionate about my goals; to clarify, if There is something I want or I desire, I b
Valarie Augustine- Secretary
My name is Valerie Laetitia Auguste and I am currently the Secretary of ForeverDC. I am from a family who loves to shoot to the moon because we always land on one of the stars. We are a set of doctors, lawyers, accountants and teachers. I always had that motivation that strives to go to college but a lot of children don't. I learned that I had to do something for the children when I graduated high school. I remember five children telling me that they now had the idea of going to college because
Devan JohnBaptiste-Treasurer
My name is Devan Johnbaptiste and I am the Treasurer at ForeverDC. My overall passion is mainly helping people, but career-wise I'd like to be a part of the criminal justice system. I am a criminal justice major in college. My reason for joining this organization was because of its mission of advising the youth about financial literacy. As a kid; about 12 years old, I became interested in the stock exchange however I had no one to lead me down towards that path. Now here we have an organization
Louis Reynoso- Digital Director
My name is Louis Reynoso a South Bronx native. Early on I decided that I was going to focus on adapting the mindset and the strengths of successful entrepreneurs. I am passionate about real estate. Around 90% of the world's millionaires did it through real estate investing. The reason I joined Forever DC Mentorship Program is that I really believe in what they are offering our community. We are in a position where we are going to change a lot of lives. We offer a variety of topics that will help
Recruitment Manager- Gabrielle Modeste_e
My name is Gabrielle Modeste and I am the Social Media Manager as well as the Recruiter for Forever DC Mentoring. I am a recent John Jay College graduate with a BA in Forensic Psychology. I was born in The Bronx and I come from a family of eight. I joined Forever DC because I love the idea of being able to help the youth within the four given pillars; which I feel are important to the development of our youth in today’s day and age. I already have a goal of helping the youth within the field of
Ameila Davis-Event Coordinator
I started as a volunteer for Forever DC Mentoring. I am now the Event Coordinator for Forever DC. My career is EMT, but my passion is helping the less fortunate,whether it’s with knowledge,experience etc. When I was introduce to Forever DC I knew this was the right platform for me to display my talents. I’m from the Highbridge area of the Bronx, I know first hand how no guidance or not having the rights tools can affect the youth. As I teach the youth I’m also learning about investing & real
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